User Management

There are 2 types of roles Employee and Admin. Permissions can be set in these roles as per the person’s designation


Create depreciation reports using Straight Line and WDV methods. Depreciation can be calculated for current and plus-minus 5 years. Get detailed depreciation calculations for a year or a month.

Complaints/Ticketing/Breakdown Maintenance

Internal complaining and ticketing system, raise tickets regarding to your assets to a concern department. Set the priority for the ticket, accordingly SLA will be decided to get the ticket resolved.

QR/Barcode Tagging

Tag your assets with QR/Barcode in Asset Infinity which prevents Fraud & ensures theft protection.

Complete Asset Management Solution for Education Sector

Asset Infinity is a complete cloud based SaaS asset management solution for education. Through the Mobile & Digitally enabled application, education institutions like schools, colleges, universities, coaching centres, distance learning facilities and hostels can now manage all their fixed, mobile, hard & soft assets including but not limited to Network, ICT, Estates, Premises, Business, Finance & the rest of the institution.

Asset Code

Custom alphanumeric asset code series as per your requirement


Categorize the assets in terms of locations like campus assets, Hostel assets

Purchase Information

Capture purchase information like purchase price, purchase date, invoice number, invoice date, vendor information, etc.

Custom Fields

Add custom information for all assets or a specific asset

Always stay on top of your assets

With asset register on the dashboard with multiple filters and free text search you can always look out for the particular asset from the set of all your assets. Maintain your assets with proper maintenance by scheduling primitive maintenance for your assets in the system

Simple Interface

Simple interface which lists all the assets on the dashboard

Action on multiple assets

Advanced multiple selection on assets to perform any action

Customizable Views

Select asset columns/information to be shown on the dashboard – including custom information

Export excel/PDF

Export all/filtered assets into Excel or PDF

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